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A historic and ethnic textile of India,Chanderi is known for its lightweight, translucent texture and sumptuous feel. It is created by interweaving silk yarn and Zari inlay with fine cotton yarn; and the outcome is a rich texture of sheer delicacy and subtle sheen. Our Chanderi is an all natural textile, printed by a slow process of hand block printing.


We use high quality Handwoven cotton textiles of India with a rich history spanning centuries. It is a versatile, eco friendly fabric with zero carbon foot print. It played a central role in the Indian independence movement, and became a symbol of self reliance.We use high quality, natural raw materials and organic processes to create soft, breathable handwoven fabrics. These are then made into fluid, relaxed and contemporary shapes.


The art of Hand Block Printing involves carving designs into wooden blocks by hand and then dipping them in dye and hand printing the designs on the fabric. Painstaking attention to detail goes into the process to achieve harmonious colours and consistent results.At Swatti Kapoor, we have contemporise the art by creating new illustrations, reproducing them skilfully on small wooden block prints and converting them to pigment.